Gearing up for opensource film making using blender


Finally, an end to the silence.For those of you who paid visit to this page more often, I hope the passive state that existed for more than two weeks didn’t disappoint you. Been there at the python conference that was conducted for the first time in India, the enthusiasm from the open source fraternity urged me to explore new realms of film making too. The days that followed were spend at the doors of google with just one goal; To come up with the best available tool set for open source film making. And all the doors led to one ultimate tool, BLENDER!!!. Even though I used to keep track of the recent advances in this wonderful animation package, the enthusiasm couldn’t be carried over to the next level since once you get back to work, you were always provided with the ones from software giants like Autodesk. But Pycon ignited a new fire in me to explore more in this direction and come up with a feasible solution for use in production. It was quite inspiring to find lot of actvity going on in this direction in online forums. Among those the one which caught my attention the most was the Blender to Renderman Artist Tools. I had a tough time getting a copy of the same since there were torrent links that were having very few seeders and also the ISO link that was provided was not working at all. Anyways now that I got a copy with me I thought it would be better to make it available for the ones who are already looking for a copy.Below listed are the contents of brat .5 rc2.

Compiled and sources of Blender 2.48, Aqsis 1.4.2, Pixie 2.2.5
Mosaic 0.2 Beta
Python 2.5.4 (installation for Windows – Linux already has it)
CGKit 2.0
Shaderman 0.7 and ShadermanNEXT
Shader sources (hundreds of them!!)
Shaderman shader projects
OpenEXR 1.4.0 (Windows install, Windows and Linux source)
OpenEXR 1.4.0 sample images
Dr. Queue (compiled and source)
Cinepaint (Linux only!! There is no recent Windows build)
Documentation from Pixars Online Research library as well as SIGGRAPH papers
Crimson Editor (Windows code editor)
Dev C++ and MinGW (Windows only, Linux has gcc which is the basis for all Linux builds)
Python scripts for Blender (various usefull ones not released with Blender)
Voodoo (for visual effects camera matchmoving)
Blender files (examples and test files)
Some usefull textures

You can download the ISO here or using the  the widget  on the sidebar

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Artist, Programmer, Technology Enthusiast. Technical Director @ Dreamworks Animation

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